Wesley Cate

His primary roles are focusing on the commercial acceleration of BrainDrip novel technologies as well as identifying strategic partners for their disruptive Gas Coil and Pitchfork energy storage systems. Most recently the company completed its first pilot deploying their Innervated Tubular Composite (ITC) lining system on a large diameter oil pipeline for conversion to highly compressed hydrogen transmission. This monumental milestone is helping fast track the final developments for their high-volume localized storage technologies. Uniquely, while designed and engineered specifically for hydrogen these technologies can also address RNG, natural gas, CO2, ammonia and NGLs midstream transportation and storage needs. Wes has a clear understanding of the unique opportunity in addressing current and long-term energy transportation and storage needs while being grounded in science and commercial feasibility. Wes has close to 20 years in the energy business with a heavy focus on infrastructure and trading of natural gas, renewable gas, hydrogen and NGL’s. In his previous positions, Wes led the acquisition and development of over 800 miles of pipelines across multiple states, built fractionation facilities and helped acquire disruptive technologies in the energy space. 

Presentation Title:
New Pipeline Technologies – Accelerating Commercialization


Innovation is constantly happening in the water and energy distribution space, but adoption and acceptance of new technologies can be a challenge. This presentation will explore different ways companies can accelerate adoption of new technologies and gain acceptance across a wide range of applications. Case studies will be presented with lessons learned from on-going work with an innovative pipeline and pipeline leak detection technology. Discussions will be focused on market transformation activities and key metrics that new products must achieve to be considered commercially viable.