Mike Peters

Mike Peters is an Equity Member and the Team Principal at BrainDrip’s IQ4H2 Lab subsidiary. His primary role at IQ4H2 is exacting technology acceleration of BrainDrip’s innovative developments for the emerging hydrogen market. This includes focus on optimizing QA/QC systems, the assimilation of regulatory compliance, and the facilitation of overall risk management and hydrogen safety protocols. Mike is currently applying his subject matter expertise to BrainDrip’s novel Innervated Tubular Composite (ITC) technology that is commencing to revolutionize the hydrogen transmission and storage market. Mike has over a decade of experience working as an applied researcher and was a two-time President’s Award recipient at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NERL). He has applied his expertise on projects from hydrogen production to end-use and everything in-between. His previous roles have led to numerous advances of hydrogen technologies including demonstrating electrolyzers as distributed energy resources (DERs) within the grid, leading a medium-/heavy-duty modeling and hardware test program for Class 8 trucks, and leading a 30+ partner hydrogen blending project for the U.S. Department of Energy. Michael and his IQ4H2 team are exponentially extending BrainDrip’s market lead as designers and developers of innovative products for the safe and effectual distribution and storage of highly compressed hydrogen.

Presentation Title:

New Pipeline Technologies – Accelerating Commercialization



Innovation is constantly happening in the water and energy distribution space, but adoption and acceptance of new technologies can be a challenge. This presentation will explore different ways companies can accelerate adoption of new technologies and gain acceptance across a wide range of applications. Case studies will be presented with lessons learned from on-going work with an innovative pipeline and pipeline leak detection technology. Discussions will be focused on market transformation activities and key metrics that new products must achieve to be considered commercially viable.