RECORDED Webinar – Exploring the Practical Application of Water Asset Management in Spindale, NC”

Recorded Webinar

Are you seeking to unlock the full potential of your water assets?
Interested in implementing an efficient asset management plan?
Eager to learn how to overcome obstacles in the process?
If you and your team understand the significance of asset management but struggle to find motivation and resources, this webinar is tailor-made for you!

Watch and learn about the real experiences of Spindale, NC that have moved from reactive asset management to proactive asset management from the key team members that executed the entire process.
Listen to the panel discussion featuring Kurt Wright and Scott Webber. They have made inspiring efforts and accomplishments in the field of asset management in their organizations. Their dedication has not only transformed their own organizations but also encouraged others to adopt effective asset management practices.


Scott Webber
town manager, the key decision maker in Spindale, NC. He worked with Kurt through the entire asset management planning process.

Kurt Wright
Is a one-man engineering consulting firm,
who has surrounded himself with a strong team based on long-term relationships and integrity. He has been the primary consultant guides with proactive asset management for Spindale, NC.

Dr. Tom Iseley ( Moderator)
Led by the experienced moderator, Dr. Iseley, the discussion will focus on overcoming the barriers utilities commonly face in the industry. Our insightful panel aims to empower asset management practices and spark a wave of positive change across the industry.