About BAMI-I

The Buried Asset Management Institute – International (BAMI-I) is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to educate and assist those who have an interest in applying best buried-asset management practices to extend the life and efficiency of their assets. Although BAMI-I has been mainly  focused on water and wastewater systems, the principles of asset management apply to all different types of buried assets including for instance gas distribution pipes and electric cables.

BAMI-I’s mission is to provide a center of excellence for underground infrastructure Owners, Engineers, and Maintenance people to join with industry and researchers, using sound science, to evaluate and /or develop buried asset management protocols for application worldwide. This will benefit ratepayers and other stakeholders by:

Protecting public health

Maximizing asset life-cycle value

Improving the environment

Sustaining economic development

Enhancing the quality of life

BAMI-I was established in 2003 by Tom Iseley, who continues to serve as Chairperson.