Dr. John W, Norton

Dr. John Norton is Director of Energy, Research, and Innovation for GLWA, a combined water/wastewater utility in Southeast Michigan. GLWA treats more than 40% of the water, and 30% of the wastewater, for the state of Michigan. Norton leads GLWA’s research efforts to understand, extend, and enhance its linear and process infrastructure and directs projects ranging from source water monitoring and distribution system water quality, through to energy extraction from biosolids. GLWA owns over 388 miles of PCCP, and over 800 miles of transmission main, 4 ft diameter or greater.


Presentation Title:

Supporting GLWA’s Pipeline Management: Research Efforts and Insights

Dr. Norton will describe the various research efforts they are undertaking to support GLWA ‘s pipeline management efforts. These research efforts include pipe failure statistics, assessment and evaluation of new and emerging methods for pipeline assessment and pipe renewal, analytical methods for assessing pipe condition and remaining life, and the impact of operations on pipe management.