New Congress Sponsorship Announcement: Plastics Pipe Institute (M&I + MAB)

We are delighted to announce that Plastics Pipe Institute (M&I + MAB), the leading pipe material organization promoting plastics pipe, has come on board as a sponsor for the Global Buried Asset Management Congress (GBAMC). Their collaboration with BAMI-I in organizing a workshop at Purdue University a few months ago has been instrumental in educating professionals and students about the benefits of HDPE/PE4710 water piping systems.

Plastics Pipe Institute (M&I + MAB) aims to educate users about HDPE/PE4710 as the best solution for trenchless and open-cut water piping systems due to:

  • resiliency, sustainability, flexibility, ductility, fused and restrained joints, leak-free, lead-free, largest flow capacity
  • resistance to corrosion, tuberculation, water hammer, fatigue, freezing, earthquakes, ground movements
  • Lowest failure rate and lowest life cycle costs

Visit their website to learn more about them:

We express our gratitude to Plastics Pipe Institute (M&I + MAB) for their participation in making our congress a success. Their support and collaboration have been invaluable in furthering the education and knowledge exchange within the industry. We look forward to their continued contributions and the positive impact they bring to the underground infrastructure industry.

Thank you, Plastics Pipe Institute (M&I + MAB), for joining us in this endeavor, and we are excited to have you as a valued sponsor of Global Buried Asset Management Congress (GBAMC).

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